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Bizitly provides free business listings and advertising online combined with unique marketing techniques to help a business grow. Bizitly is a great place to list any type of business and one of the best ways to be found by millions of consumers, Bizitly is business-minded.

Listing a business on Bizitly is a great way to gain exposure while maintaining integrity online. Learn new tips and tricks that can help your business stay in the top ten for free on Bizitly. With a Bizitly listing, your visitors will experience an easy to use platform leading them directly to you. After all, our goal is to help your business succeed.
Add a business to Bizitly for free!Add a business to Bizitly for free!
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Contractors are invited to list their business on Bizitly and receive free leads from local consumers searching for reliable contractors. Adding your business to Bizitly is free and the best part is, we take care of all the design - SEO and send you the customers. How's that for a directory?

Bizitly is one of the best places for contractors, handymen, and other service providers to advertise their business for free. Because Bizitly doesn't require users to log in or sign up to search the site, users are more likely to request a quote. The rest is up to you, to provide the best service at the best rates.
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Lawyer Advertising
Receive free legal leads, when listing your legal practice on Bizitly. Leads produced on Bizitly are from local clients searching for immediate help with legal matters. Receive free leads from clients searching for accident injury attorneys, bankruptcy, divorce, and criminal law firms.

Bizitly is a secure way to receive new clients and let prospective ones know about your law firm, with our encrypted direct request form. A form that asks all the right questions, decreasing the evaluation and intake time. All leads are exclusive to the law firm/listing and are NOT SOLD for any reason. Bizitly is a site built on integrity and trust.
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Receive medical request - documents and new patients with a Bizitly HIPPA secure request form. Searching for a medical professional online is pretty much the only way to find a medical professional for all ages. Bizitly provides patients an easy way to see if a patient’s insurance is acceptable, schedule appointments, and share x-rays and other medical records free of charge.


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  • Dental
  • Vetenarians
  • Chiropractic
Free Business Advertising on Bizitly
Add a business to Bizitly free and receive online business exposure and an easy way for consumers to reach you! Bizitly is one of the best ways to advertise business free in 2020.
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Bizitly - Web Design
Have your website designed by Bizitly and give your users what they're searching for. Websites designed with the consumer in mind. Fast and affordable website design.
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Bizitly Web Development
Bizitly web development services are second to none. At Bizitly, all websites are built to operate on any platform including mobile. A Bizitly website is easy to use and mobile ready.
Bizitly Web Development and Mobile Websites
Online Marketing - Bizitly
Marketing comes in many forms these days, but none outweigh search engine dominance. Appearing in search engine results is crucial to any business and Bizitly can help!
Bizitly marketing solutions for any business
Easily accept payments online via your website, mobile app or over the phone for items or services offered online. If you have a website and need to accept payments online, it's easy and here's a few of the best ways to accept payments online.
Accept Payments Online

Restaurants - Online Stores - Service Providers

Easily accept payments online via your website, mobile app or over the phone for items or services offered online. If you have a website and need to accept payments online, it's easy and here's a few of the best ways to accept payments online.

Set up reaccuring payments, either monthly or annually and allow consumers to leave additional gratuities and pay faster. Increase your companies revenue, get paid faster and with better record keeping. There's no credit check required, when applying for most merchant accounts.
Restaurant Advertising on Bizitly

Bizitly provides free restaurant advertising, online menus and local marketing solutions that can help your restaurant, deli or cafe prosper. Add delivery features to your Bizitly listing and allow customers to place orders for later - apply coupons and promo codes and best of all. " Remember the customers order for easy ordering next time" Keeping the customer happy is the key to success and Bizitly helps make it easy for your customers to order online straight from your Bizitly listing.


  • Increase Revenue
  • Record Keeping
  • Offer Delivery


Blog with Bizitly
Blog With Bizitly
Check out the Bizitly Blog and learn cool tips and tricks to help your business grow both online and off. Sign up for notifications on subjects that interest you. Blogging is still one of the most powerful ways to reach readers today and with fun new features and easy navigation. The Bizitly Blog is full of ready to use features, articles, and news from communities nationwide.
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Free TV & Movies
From free TV shows, news, and movies to documentaries and locally produced entertainment. Bizitly gives users access to hundreds of their favorite apps from Showtime and Cartoon Network to CNN and news networks from around the world. Watch your favorite shows on Bizitly.
Bizitly Music
Bizitly Music
Add your music to Bizitly and be heard by millions. Bizitly helps promote up and coming artists, bands, and anything music by allowing easy uploads of videos. Let your music be heard on Bizitly and played right from the page. Gain followers or follow your favorites and help promote music.
Comedians on Bizitly
Comedians can create a free comedy profile on Bizitly. Share your work, test material, and most importantly - make them laugh! Bizitly helps promote comedians in many ways and gives every comedian that signs up on Bizitly an extra fan or two. Sell your CDs - videos and other merchandise on Bizitly.
Online Teaching Website and Apps on Bizitly
Teach Online
Online educators are needed now, more than ever. If you're an educator that is offering or wants to offer education services online. Teaching services are in high demand from online classroom learning to one on one tutoring programs designed for all levels of education. Create a classroom on Bizitly for free in 2020.
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From A Hobby To Something More...
It started as a small project and a hobby "at best", Bizitly is a directory built to help business maintain integrity online. In a world of ratings and opinions that follow just about any business online either ficticious or truthful. It wasn't hard to  see someone needed to do something or at least try. To help others achieve their dreams while helping to restore independence and integrity for business owners online.

Ratings and reviews have been abused and monetized beyond belief and companies are making billions off the misery of negative reviews. Bizitly is going to change the way we do business online, with your help.
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