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Search Engine Optimization is often referred to as SEO, but is one of the most misunderstood terms ever used and abused online. Optimizing a website means that particular website/mobile app will have the correct micro-data, tags, useful features and functions, scripts, speed, information and structure. The first step to optimizing any website, is to register for a webmaster account on major search engines. Without registering your business, and submitting it to search engines - it won't exist.

The majority of other search engines rely on the two major search engines - Google and Microsoft to get their information. Other engines such as, Firefox, Opera and Duck Duck Go scrape information from Google and Microsoft .
Search Optimization Services From Bizitly To Help A Busness Shine Online
Search Optimization
Search Engine Optimization for any website, app or video is available from Bizitly for free! When a site is properly optimized that site, has a better chance of appearing higher and in more search results on major search engines. This is achieved by implementing good data, functions, features, code and following the rules. "Yes, there's rules"

Search Marketing Services From Bizitly
Search Marketing
Search engine marketing is basically advertising on a budget and can be very effective when performed correctly. Adding a website/app to another site is not SEO. That is referred to as site linking. Many business owners and so called SEO companies would have you believe advertising is SEO, it's actually known as SEM = Search Engine Marketing.

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SEO Plugins and Apps
There's no plugin or app that can achieve proper SEO results on it's own. A plug-in is simply not part of the website! Only website and mobile app developers working on your product can achieve true SEO. Optimization takes a little more than meta tags and social media. Plugins are expensive and don't work compared to a real search engine marketing developer.

Microdata and Schema Codes Can Help Your Website SEO

Microdata and Schema Codes

SEO Coding Requirements

SEO is achieved in many ways and microdata can help increase your sites SEO and help with indexing too. Google and Microsoft prefer sites with structured data, because it helps tell your sites story efficiently to search engines, that are more than happy to share your useful and relevant information.

Having the proper schema, can help users choose other pages within a site from search results. This is often found underneath search engines displayed results and has reduced consumer search times and data consumption.
Keyword and Phrase SEO
Key Words and Phrases
Header and Alt Tags
Headers also known as H tags hold valuable information about your site and it's important the H1 - 6 tags are completed with purpose and 100% reference to the subject. At Bizitly, we offer a variety of SEO and SEM services to help your business grow online. Check out the Bizitly Blog and learn to do it yourself, or contact Bizitly for a free SEO quote for your site.
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