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The Bizitly Bee
Bizitly was created to help business owners maintain integrity online. This is achieved by creating custom listings and landing pages unique to not only the business, but to their potential visitors as well. Bizitly uses a multitude of technology and unique information - from simple HTML , C++ and Java Script to more secure languages such as RUST.

At Bizitly we've eliminated user login and never require visitors to sign up for anything. This has helped prove to the world that Bizitly really is just here to help.
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Psycholgy of Bizitly

A Lot Of Thought Went Into Bizitly

The idea of Bizitly derived from the Movie Monsters Inc.Yes, an animated film inspired the Bizitly directory. The Bizitly mission is actually really simple and has proven to be very effective with helping to bring consumers and businesses together without asterics.

Getting back to the movie and the idea, behind Bizitly. In the movie, screams powered the monster world. Until, laughter was introduced and proved to be more powerful.

That's it...
Bizitly Security
Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
Bizitly is a secure and safe place to list a business, service , product or share your creations with the world as an artist and make a business out of it.

There's no login or user sign up required to use Bizitly. It's free and available on all devices and platforms world wide. Bizitly allows for a little more than just listings too. Use Bizitly to watch TV - Movies and listen to music from some of your favoirite artist or laugh it off with comedy straight from Bizitly.

Share Bizitly with friends and family and let them know - there's a new way of doing business online and it's called Bizitly.