Accept credit and debit cards without having a bank account

Accept credit and debit cards without a bank account

Accept Credit Cards Without A Bank Account

Bizitly Merchant Services

Accept credit and debit cards from anywhere in the world with Bizitly merchant processing. No bank account required and at Bizitly, we can process payments to pre-paid debit cards up to five thousand dollars (us) per transaction and there's limits to the number of daily transactions before 5pm PST. Bizitly is the easiest way to accept credit and debit card payments online and there's no credit check required. Now anyone can accept credit and debit cards with Bizitly merchant services.
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List a business on Bizitly and let the world know about your services, products and create brand recognition. Bizitly listings are designed to help a business gain recognition and grow online. At Bizitly, we verify all businesses using a variety of sources and tools to help make Bizitly a safe place to visit online. All business listings on Bizitly are verified by a team of humans and Bizitly listings are 100% safe and trustworthy. List your business on Bizitly today and advertise right!