Bizitly works just like any other directory, but with a twist. Instead of charging for every little thing. At Bizitly we decided to give you more free for free. By this we mean your links will go to your site and your phone number will ring your business and only your business at no additional charge. Directories have gone in all different directions with some holding phone numbers hostage to other sites that only display a companies information, but no phone number to call.

The old ways are just that - old and those old and outdated marketing tactics won't work on today's savvy entrepreneur. You're already a step ahead of the game if you're reading this. by adding your business to Bizitly, you'll see how a directory is supposed to be and learn some cool stuff along the way.

How Bizitly Works

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Step. 1
Simply add your company information such as locations or service areas. Contact information including phone numbers, website address and emails that your would like to be contacted on by consumers. Displaying Operating hours and locations will help your business appear in search results and other local sites with mapping and other links.
Step. 2
Give them something to look at by adding logos and other images to help showcase your company visually. Upload photo's and other images including your company logo. Bizitly will add alternative information to your images and help them speak to the internet as well as look great to your visitors.
Tell us your story in your own words. Keep it simple or expand and tell us all about it. Bizitly is here for you, helping to create a simple, safe and accurate platform for both business owners and consumers alike to use, share and help simplify website and mobile results organically world wide.
That's it! Sit back and relax while we take your business listing and make it look great! We'll take that useful information provided by you, combine it with a unique design, careful organization and optimize it for more relevant results.
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