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Search Engine Optimization has not gone away like some have speculated and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The need for good SEO is stronger now than ever. With more and more third party sites showing up and dominating the organic search result  sections of major search engines. The need to educate business owners and help create a general better understanding of how to SEO is priceless.

One of the first things we will help you understand is that it's not about you and how wonderful you are. We already know that. It's about letting the rest of the internet and consumers out there searching know why. Let's talk about your business, product or services and how they will fulfill consumers needs. Let's take out the me and i's and replace them with your company name.

Good SEO is not a super secret for only the elite or super geeks. Good SEO has been admired and welcomed by major search engines such as Google for years. Some would like to keep it secret and put a price tag on it, while others are tired of sorting through the rubbish, only to find frustration.

At Bizitly our goal is to help promote a safe and healthy internet for all users.
Facebook's Open Graph system works pretty good on Facebook and if your business is on Facebook. Then implementing Facebook's Open Graph into your website or mobile page will only help your business. Please understand that this function is used mainly for Facebook and applies to users that use Facebook to search for a product, business or local services. Last time we checked about 10 million people still checked their Facebook account first thing every day.
Good SEO is easy to do and here's a couple of SEO do's to help you on your way to webmastering your website or mobile site.
Meta Data = should match words used on your webpage and those chosen keywords need to make sense and be a used a few different times on a page in sentence and throughout a site to work and be considered in search engine search results also known as S.E.R.P. search engine results pages.
Bad SEO No - No's are not always done on purpose and search engines are aware of this, but rules are rules. This is not craigslist and simply adding keywords or trying to mask words with white or hidden text is a no - no. Have patience and swallow your pride, see what your competition is doing and maybe try to respect them and not just outdo them. The internet is definitely big enough for all.
Be careful where you post your business online and be aware of what you may be rendering when listing your business on a third party directory.

Will you have the ability to add or delete your business? How about phone numbers and links, where will they go? Will your competition be displayed on your page at your expense?
Be Patient and Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions. Search engines will start to index your site in a few days and depending on your websites structure and allowances such as robots txt and other data. Make sure your site has a sitemap and your business is registered with Google Webmaster. Submitting your site properly will help expedite your sites appearance in search results. Adding your site to every directory and third party site online will not help increase sales. Instead it will only decrease your companies value online and increase inbound calls to your business.

Take time before listing your business online and be choosy. Know where you're listing and read the fine print, it may actually save your business.
Avoid The Black Market
Never pay for backlinks, likes or reviews. Search engines will know what you're up to and will be able to see when, where and why you're site jumped in value. This may result in suspension or blacklisting and you will not get away with paying for any shady practices on todays internet.
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SEO Do's & Don'ts
The easiest way to get free SEO is to list your business on Bizitly. We take a unique and positive approach to each individual business on Bizitly. Try it for yourself free by listing a business, product or services on Bizitly today.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the oldest used and sometimes misused words on the internet. To optimize a website or mobile site means that the site and pages within will display truthful and useful unique content about a business.

When a site is optimized, images, text and links work harmoniously together, helping to provide a wonderful user experience. Combined with unique graphics and images that help paint a picture. Good SEO will not only increase your impressions, but will help increase your user interactions too.

Information is key and the way this information is displayed will help unlock organic levels of internet search results you've never knew were possible. Talk to your visitors on multiple levels from the savvy tech to the one that still uses paper for most task. Most importantly "listen and use your visitor data to tell a story to your visitors". It's okay to update your website weekly if needed.
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Search Engine Optimization has evolved and become more relevant than ever and there's new functions out there making it super fun too! That's right, SEO doesn't have to be scary. In fact most companies and service providers don't even realize they're already great at SEO and we hope to help explain that.

Starting with the most common types of search engine optimization and SEO basics such as meta tags and H1 tags, we'll help teach you how to, where and why.

The first step is to make sure your page and the H1 are both titled the same. For example = Free SEO Services should be named Free SEO Services and have the same H1 tag and make sense too. Try not to just throw words up in hopes of search engines recognizing them and directing traffic that way. That would be a no-no. It's important that the same page contain pertinent information and graphics that expand on your page name and H1 title. This is the information search engines and users search for and when this information is structured in a relevant pattern whala!

On this page, we'll help teach you about new ways to apply old SEO techniques that will help increase your overall SEO.
Once the meta data and H1 tags are correct. It's very important to reach out to your audience and cater to them. Information and useful relevant information is great, but unique content and a new way of thinking that works, priceless!

Micro Data
This new SEO tool has become somewhat of a requirement among major search engines and this new way of implementing condensed data works helps to help deliver information faster with a longer lasting impact on users.

Search engines have made mobile pages their highest priority and the focus of todays market. We don't need to tell  you how mobile phones have become our everything. What we are wanting to share with you is how to get your business back on the search results page of some of your favorite search engines and the ones consumers choose as well.

Micro Data can be implemented into any mobile page or website by way of Java or Html and is entered into the head section of a web or mobile page. Micro Data is displayed with or without images and logo's and is optimizable.
Learn to harness the power of Twitter and increase your companies web presence ten fold
Social Media Works and nothing is stronger and preferred by more users still than Twitter. Used millions of times an hour by everyone from kids "with their parents permission of course" to major celebrities and political figures. There's no argument, if you're on Twitter someone is going to see your business. Getting them to read, interact and retweet your business. Now that's the million dollar question.

Twitter allows users and developers to create direct links from one of the largest sites in the world and backlinks are still powerful from sites such as Twitter.

They've achieved this by creating one of the largest online communities ever, monitored for relevancy and with conversation rates in the billions ongoing.  Making a post and creating a hashtag or direct link on Twitter really says something to the world!
Twitter & SEO
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