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In this section, we'll let visitors know what it is they have found. How your business - service or product is what they have come to find and your visitors have the ability to forward right to your website/store or do business right here on Bizitly.

Starting with free placement listings, SEO and custom contact forms, graphics and logo's. Bizitly will help bring your business to life online, by adding in the correct meta data - micro data - quality scripts and the use of search engine preffered cards. Displaying your business faster and with more effiency, lessening load times and visitors data consumption.

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Service Providers can list all of their services and allow prospective clients to request a multitude of services. Free and secure on Bizitly.
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Bizitly creates custom forms specific to your business - services or products. Allow your visitors to view and pay for items or services online.
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Sell products on Bizitly and save time and money with a free store. Custom created for your business and hosted on Bizitly for free! Sell more stuff!
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Tell visitors about your business - services - products and why your business is the best. Show consumers you have confidence in your company by introducing your business proudly.

While most directories focus on consumer reviews ( ficticious or factual ) and do so little to regulate them. Bizitly focuses on delivering results and turning visitors into clients. By showcasing the business - person - product or service and have found success in doing so. It's no secret reviews bring in visitors, but at what price to the business cash or everything else? Take a moment and let visitors know how thankful you are for their patronage and what they'll find in you and your listing on Bizitly. It's your moment.
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