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Black Lives Matter

United We Stand - Divided We Fall...

From the death of Ahmaud Arbery to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the black community has risen up and made a stand only to have local governments shut their doors, close police stations, and cower. As a nation stands up and says they've had enough with the racism, violence, and injustice that runs today's corrupt system.

In a country that has made a business out of criminals "guilty or not", The United States has a new problem on their hands and it's not the fact that our US prisons and jails are filled with men and women of color. It's the fact that Americans are tired of being told they can't and tired of friends and family behind bars or stuck in a broken system. No, the problem has just become much worse. Those that have been suppressed - decided to unite and stand up all at once. It's not a problem, that everyone has finally united with or without state approval. It's the fact that the U.S. Government doesn't have any solutions.
Black Lives Matter
Small Business Solutions
Small Business
Small Business owners are coming up with new ways to survive during the (Covid-19) outbreak. As some business owners change in store hours. Many small businesses are taking their business online by way of websites, apps, and sites like Bizitly, Facebook, and Twitter. Learn new ways to promote your business.
Hollywood News
Hollywood News
Hollywood has taken some serious financial hits during the (Covid-19) outbreak in 2020. See how Hollywood plans to survive the loss of millions in revenue, production for both television and movies. Including the loss of some of Hollywood's stars. Say goodbye to the stars we lost in 2020 on Bizitly.
How To SEO
How To SEO
Learn how to SEO with Bizitly and friends. We'll share the latest tips and tricks to help boost your overall Search Engine Reputation. But, it's not all about keywords and meta tags anymore. Users demand a site that delivers good information, easy to navigate, and offers consumers results.
Websites and Apps
Websites & Apps
Bizitly teaches business owners and users on how to choose the right web hosting for their business. Learn the difference between a template-based site and a custom-built website and app. Read how a template website may be restricting your site’s optimization and basic information.
How To Qualify For Un-Emplyment
How To Qualify For Unemployment
Receive Coverage During Quarantine
Learn how to file for unemployment in just a few steps on Bizitly. If you happen to be one of the unlucky one's quarantined or diagnosed with (Covid-19), left worrying about the bills and necessaties. Hope is around the corner, but you'll need to act fast because payments may take up to three weeks to receive. Although over 80% of America's work force qualifies for the unemployment "CARES ACT" and will receive the standard $600 a week payment until "July 31,2020". There's a few questions that must be answered a certain way or the claim will be denied.