How to rank #1 online
Understanding Search and Results
Ranking a website number one doesn't mean a site will appear number one all over the internet. Instead, this means: an optimized website with good structure and content will appear in more relevant search results based on a user’s search terms and location.

This all depends on a business using the same type of keywords used on their website or mobile app, if they even have one. Otherwise, search results will display directory results and those relevant websites and ads based on that user’s search.

That’s why it’s essential to optimize a website using methods approved by the search engines and social media sites. Simply adding metadata and tons of keywords, is in the past.
Small Business Solutions
Small Business
Small Business owners are coming up with new ways to survive during the (Covid-19) outbreak. As some business owners change in store hours. Many small businesses are taking their business online by way of websites, apps, and sites like Bizitly, Facebook, and Twitter. Learn new ways to promote your business.
URL SHorteners are BAD!
URL Shortener?
URL Shorteners are dangerous and bad for business. URL shorteners such as BITLY and Rebrandly practically help give your business away to the competition. Add a + symbol to any Bitly link and  your link stats and visitors are displayed to anyone. Rebrandly does what it says, rebrands and steals business.
How to SEO in 2020
SEO in 2020
Bizitly provides free SEO for every listing, that's no secret. Learning how to optimize is not a big secret either and Bizitly is here to show you how to SEO in 2020. It's about more than just website content, meta tags and back links. Today's SEO includes something called Micro Data - preffered by search engines world wide.
Websites and Apps
Websites & Apps
Bizitly teaches business owners and users on how to choose the right web hosting for their business. Learn the difference between a template-based site and a custom-built website and app. Read how a template website may be restricting your site’s optimization and info.
Free SEO on Bizitly
A Directory That Puts The Business First
These are a few of the ways SEO "Search Engine Optimization" works. Not just having your website listed all over the place on any site that has room. Most directories that offer free listings, will often take company visitors and turn them into their own.

Bizitly, a directory that puts the business first and helps businesses restore and maintain integrity online. One way this is achieved is by relaying relevant and useful information to the users/consumers fast and without constraints or rediculous requirements. Delivering your business results to consumers searching for a business or service just like your business on any type of device. List your business on Bizitly and be seen by more consumers.