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Bizitly provides a wonderful platform for business owners to list on for free without worry or hassle. We try not to look at it like advertising and instead fun projects and innovative new ways to network with others. Let's face it, your business needs to be online and consumers demand it. But, not all business owners are into building websites, learning how to market and analyze compressed data and put it to good use. Another big woe for business owners are mobile versions of their business and mobile apps for their clients. 

There's a few different options out there to build a website or have one built for you. One of the top domain and website developers and a well known household name is GoDaddy. GoDaddy "King of Domains" provides everyone from the smallest business owners and entrepreneurs to fortune 500 giants! Starting at only .99 cents for a domain and with web hosting and easy to use website themes, WordPress integration and the option to upload a custom website. GoDaddy is our top suggestion. The customer service and quality of products offered and server reliability have helped keep GoDaddy #1.
Okay, so now you have a domain and a website, but you can't find them anywhere on the internet. This is where Bizitly comes in and gives your business that hand up it may need on the world wide web. A good way to get your business out there and noticed is to add it to Facebook or Twitter. These social media sites still allow businesses to list on their sites for free with some pretty good backlinks from time to time. A lot of social media depends on your audience and that may vary from your targeted audience.

Once, you've completed your listings on Social Media Sites, then it's time to add your business to Bizitly. We'll create a custom listing full of relevant content about your company, add your website link, phone number and other contact information all free of charge. The best part is Bizitly listings are optimized for relevant search results, including graphics and logo's too. Helping to get your business recognized organically in a safe a healthy way that ensures your business and visitors have a pleasant experience online.

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