What is SEO?
SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a grossly misused word by inexperienced web guys worldwide. Proper search engine optimization provides relevant and easy to understand and use information. Combined with creativity, good navigation and honesty. Real SEO is very achievable.
SEO For Mobile Sites
Optimizing a mobile site is a lot like optimizing a website and can be done easily when your writing captures the users attention and actually says something useful. Write to your audience and provide them with useful information about your products or services. Include operating hours and contact information to start.
Be Original (Never Copy Text)
When creating a website many users are tempted to simply copy, paste and tweak content written by someone else for ease. Don't do it. Be original and write like you were selling yourself. Copyright infridgment is a big deal on the internet and just like search engines know your like and dislikes. They know when you're stealing too. So Don't!

Business SEO Services

Local or National
It's important to keep your business going in the direction intended and we don't recommend listing your business on sites outside your targeted country. Also, it's important to make sure the website you're listing on is relevant has the users and audience your business would like to target.
At Bizitly we believe that true search engine optimization comes from optimizing a quality business. Good website optimization is derived from a mixture of creativity, useful content and operation information applied with purpose and meaning. Let's attract targeted users and consumers looking for your business, services or products online and make things happen!

You may have noticed we titled the page Business SEO Services and the reason for that is simple. Search optimization has evolved and moved in directions that are fast and make use of compressed data in ways that are almost hard to believe. Well believe it, but don't fear it. None of us will be giving up our computers, tablets or smart phones anytime soon. In fact consumers are still searching for something easier, faster and that provides more of everything! This can be intimidating, but there's only one way to effectively keep up. Start by doing what's necessary and that's buying a domain, building a website or having one built or try a do it yourself template from GoDaddy.

Then, do what's possible and add your business to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Finally add your business, services or products to Bizitly and get a safe and free online listing that provides consumers and search engines information about your company.
SEO Services
Reach Your Goals
Having your company display high in search results on a third party website is great! "If the site actually links to your business" Even though you may not have added your company to a website and someone else did it for you. It's important to update your company information, so it's relevant and reaches you first. Don't look at this listing as an insult. Take a step back, analyze and use that listing to your companies advantage.
How To Maintain a Good Image
First off, be true and good to consumers that come your way. We all have choices and when someone chooses you. Don't let them down and be ready to deliver the best you and your company have to offer. Don't forget to listen and learn not just what the customer needs, but hear what they're asking for and deliver it to them with good links, usable content and images that help tell a story.
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